We offer a cutting board exchange program for restaurants, delis, meat markets, etc. The exchange program has many benefits including NEVER PAYING FULL PRICE FOR NEW BOARDS AGAIN!  

Here's how it works:                                                 Avoid these numbers! 14-09-01

  • We will provide you with a new set of cutting boards matching your existing set at the resurface price                           (maximum width is 24 inches and maximum length is 120 inches)
  • We will take your existing boards and resurface them if they are servicable and return them in 3 months.                          If they are not serviceable, we will provide you with a second set(may include upcharge)
  • When boards become too thin to be resurfaced, we will replace them                                                                           at the same resurface price
  • We will store the boards in our shop and they will continue to be                                                                                switched out at 3 month intervals
  • There is a minumuim committment of 4 deliveries since we are                                                                              providing new boards at the resurface price

Cutting Board Exchange Program: